Tuesday, 27 March 2012

I never asked to be your pet

I never asked to be your pet

By Annique VSPCA Volunteer

I remember that fateful day
The skies were blue, not a spec of grey
That day was the eve of a forth-coming storm
Despite its deceitful weather, comforting and warm.

I lay in the box alongside my eager siblings
Awaiting an owner, my heart filled with longing.
Soon after, I saw you, your gaze locked with mine
I thought I’d found a master divine.

You took me into your home; put me upon a grand pedestal
Pampered me like a sacred baby so regal.
This life was more than I would ever fathom,
Little did I know the fate to which I was to succumb.

As the months passed by and my youthfulness shed
The quality of care given began plummeting like lead
My safe haven, my palace began to shake and crumble
The reality of my prison peaked out from beneath the rubble.

Lavish meals turned into meagre portions
I went from within the house to the harsh environs
No longer could I roam freely from bedroom to deck
Instead I am bound by the chain cutting into my neck

The warm affectionate touches have turned to cold lashes
The fire of affection has burnt down to dry ashes
The initial connection that grabbed me has been long destroyed
My soul has become an abysmal void.

As you humans say, one time leads to another
However I sometimes wonder why you took me, why’d you even bother?
Why pit me into this thunderstorm of misery and drench me wet?

I never asked to be your pet.

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