Monday, 20 August 2012

Ally: still smelly, but finally home!

VSPCA Board Member, Margaret Hughes shares:

I first spied Ally as a shadowy figure in the bushes when driving near the Old Golf Course at Ratho Mill.  When I attempted to approach her, she ran away.  I went back to the spot later and left food and water but I will never know if she got it.

About a week later, I spotted the same figure at the Beach at Canash.  I went and got some dog biscuits and returned to the spot I saw her and laid a trail of biscuits.  I waited patiently for about half an hour then saw her again tentatively approaching the first biscuit.  When she got near to me, I spoke to her and gently asked her if she would like to come home with me.

She was the ugliest and scruffiest dog you can possibly imagine and she looked as if she was starving (she was).  After speaking to her for a good long time, I got up and slowly started walking home.  After a pause, she started following me.

There are many houses with loud dogs on the walk home and I was sure we would be barked at and she would be scared away.  But the doggie gods were with us that day – no barking or loud noises and we made it all the way home.

When my other two dogs were introduced to this apparition, they were hugely unimpressed and Freddie (a female who thinks she is the alpha male) was downright nasty to Ally.  They soon got used to her though and, while it would be untrue to say they love her, they at least ignore her.

She had a chronic skin condition which not only made her very itchy but also very smelly.  With the Vet’s help, I have been treating her with various potions, unguents and shampoos.  She is much better that she was but still not out of the woods (no pun intended) and still a bit smelly.

She has made herself quite at home – in fact, she hates the idea of leaving the yard as I think she is fearful that we may abandon her again.  She is hugely loving and so appreciative of everything – especially food!  She is safe and loved now and will have a home, smelly or not, until she dies.